Selasa, 13 Oktober 2009

Tapai Pulut


1 kg glutinous rice / pulut
1 packet yeast / ragi


Wash and cook pulut the normal way. Use very little water. Allow water level to be 1.5cm above the pulut level. Cook in rice cooker. Allow the cooked pulut to cool.

Use a porcelain or Pyrex bowl to make tapai. The yeast will be used sparingly. Place an inch pulut in bowl then sprinkle yeast over the surface. Repeat until pulut is finished.

Cover the bowl. Wrap the bowl first with 4-5 layers of newspaper then wrap with a kain sarong (kain pelikat also will work!) Place bowl in cool dark place - in lower kitchen cabinet. Allow to ferment at least for 24 hours.

Mix the tapai evenly and refrigerate before serving or serve immediately with ice-cream.

Note: It is said that whoever makes the tapai must have a warm heart and a sweet smile to make the tapai sweet. Women menstruating are not allowed to make tapai or else the resulting tapai is red. These notes are not scientifically proven.

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

my 1st do was so nice and sweeet.. My next do will be tapai ubi kayu.


Norazihan berkata...

my 2nd do was 2kg or beras pulut cap rambutan with mardi yeast. took longer to complete fermentation. 2 days. another day then past refrigerated and wow yummy so nice and sweet. thinking of commercializing it as priced by another blogger servicing tapai online:

Tapai Ubi
Harga Pasaran : RM2.50
Harga Runcit : RM1.70 (melebihi 50unit)
Harga Borong : RM1.50 (melebihi 150unit)*
Saiz : Bekas plastik saiz 16oz

Tapai Pulut
Harga Pasaran : RM1.50
Harga Runcit : RM0.90 (melebihi 50unit)
Harga Borong : RM0.70 (melebihi 250unit)*
Saiz : Bekas plastik 10oz

muhammad sukri ramli berkata...

sila lihat cara penyediaan tapai pulut di blog saya

muhammad sukri ramli berkata...

sila lihat cara penyediaan tapai pulut di blog saya