Selasa, 13 Oktober 2009

Tapai Pulut


1 kg glutinous rice / pulut
1 packet yeast / ragi


Wash and cook pulut the normal way. Use very little water. Allow water level to be 1.5cm above the pulut level. Cook in rice cooker. Allow the cooked pulut to cool.

Use a porcelain or Pyrex bowl to make tapai. The yeast will be used sparingly. Place an inch pulut in bowl then sprinkle yeast over the surface. Repeat until pulut is finished.

Cover the bowl. Wrap the bowl first with 4-5 layers of newspaper then wrap with a kain sarong (kain pelikat also will work!) Place bowl in cool dark place - in lower kitchen cabinet. Allow to ferment at least for 24 hours.

Mix the tapai evenly and refrigerate before serving or serve immediately with ice-cream.

Note: It is said that whoever makes the tapai must have a warm heart and a sweet smile to make the tapai sweet. Women menstruating are not allowed to make tapai or else the resulting tapai is red. These notes are not scientifically proven.

Selasa, 1 September 2009


Bahannya dan Cara Persiapannya

7 ulas bawang merah - belah dua
7 biji cili merah - buang tangkai dan biji
1 inci belacan
2 sudu besar minyak masak
10 ekor udang - dibuang kaki dan janggut
2 biji ubi keledek - buang kulit di kerat 1cm
1/2 biji kelapa - diperah santan
1 inci lengkuas
2 ikat sayur kangkung
Garam dan gula secukup rasa


Mesin atau tumbuk lumat bawang merah, cili merah, belacan dan dengan sedikit air. Panaskan minyak di dalam kuali besar dan tumis bahan yang dikisar tadi. Masukkan ubi keledek dan udang. Biar masak hingga keledek empuk. Masukkan santan, lengkuas, garam dan gula dan kacau hingga masak. Masukkan sayur kangkung hanya sehingga daunnya lembut. Hidang bersama nasi putih.

* Recepi from From the Garden to the Kitchen by Chef Wan

SERI KAYA (Org Kelantan panggil Nasi Kaya)


1 1/2 kerek gula melaka
3 cawan air
3 helai daun pandan
6 biji telur
1 biji bunga cengkih
sedikit bikabornat soda
sedikit garam


Masak dalam periok air, gula melaka dan daun pandan hingga larul gula melaka. Biarkan sejuk. Dalam mangkuk pukul telur dengan bahan-bahan lain hingga kembang. Masukkan air gula yang telah sejuk tadi dan gaul hingga sebati. Masukkan ke dalam adunan. Kemudian kukus hingga masak.

* Resepi dari Che Ros, Wakaf Bharu, Kelantan.

Isnin, 12 Januari 2009


Bahan A.

500 gm Ubi Keladi - kupas kulit dan potong kiub besar lalu kukus/rebus lembut
6 biji Pisang / 10 biji Pisang Emas - potong dua
1/2 cawan Sagu putih - rendam 1/2 jam & tos
3/4 cawan Gula Pasir
1/2 cawan Air

Bahan B.

2 helai Daun Pandan
1 cawan Santan
2 cawan Air
1/2 cawan Susu Cair
1 sudu teh Garam


1. Rendam sagu 1/2 jam & toskan
2. Kukus ubi keladi / rebus lembut & toskan air
3. Dalam periuk, masukkan gula pasir dan ½ cawan air, biar cair, masukkan pisang yang dipotong dua. Biar lembut
4. Masukkan sagu dan kacau sebati.
5. Masukkan santan dan 2 cawan air serta garam dan susu cair.Kacau dengan api perlahan.
6. Hampir didih, masukan ubi keladi dan daun pandan, kacau lagi perlahan-lahan
7. Bila mula mendidih, angkat dari api.
8. Hidang ketika panas.

Rabu, 7 Januari 2009

Roasted Garlic Spread

This is great on veggies, potatoes, pasta, rice. Top a grilled steak, fish or chicken. Spread on your favorite bread or dip a breadstick into it. Blend into cream cheese for a garlic spread. The uses are endless. SERVES 10

· 4 heads garlic
· 1/8-1/4 cup olive oil
· salt and pepper
· 1/2 teaspoon fresh rosemary, minced

Cut garlic crosswise in half and spread some oil on cut surface, wrap in foil.
Roast in 375°F oven about 45-50 minutes.
Till soft and golden.
Squeeze the meat out of the skins season with salt and pepper add enough oil to taste while using a fork to smash till smooth and creamy. Mix in rosemary.

Can be frozen.
Just bring to room temperature and mix with a fork.
Use on whatever you like or do like me and use on everything!

Roasted garlic is wonderful spread on lightly toasted pieces of Italian bread or baguette. You can also add it to mashed potatoes for garlic mashed potatoes.

To roast whole already peeled cloves such as those that can be bought in a jar from the store. Place the peeled cloves into a small oven proof dish and drizzle with oil and add a splash of water. Season with salt, cover with foil and place in the oven as mentioned above.

*Source - internet

In Islam, olive oil is mentioned in the Quranic verse: "God is the light of heavens and earth. An example of His light is like a lantern inside which there is a tourch, the tourch is in a glass bulb, the glass bulb is like a bright planet lit by a blessed olive tree, neither Eastern nor Western, its oil almost glows, even without fire touching it, light upon light." The Qur’an also mentions olives as a sacred plant: "By the fig and the olive, and the Mount of Sinai, and this secure city."[3] Olive oil is also reported to have been recommended by the Muslim Prophet Muhammad in the following terms: "Consume olive oil and anoint it upon your bodies since it is of the blessed tree." He also stated that it cures 70 diseases.